Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello you readers!

Welcome to my world of discoveries of the absurdities in the food chain. I am not actively writing here anymore because I kind of understood the greater picture and moved on. Now I am working full time on making food based on real ingredients, give classes on how to bake without sugar, milk products and gluten, raise three (!) children (instead of only two as when I started this blog), make real baby food and keep my own production going... and then of course, what gives me my intellectual kicks: write a thesis on sustainability and conflicts.

I am also involved in the Slow Food movement, and in that local group we are working on a plan of how to revolutionize school and daycare food in the nearby municipalities! :-)

So there, not much time for this blog anymore. But the archives might be very useful, please be my guest and stroll around as you please!

1 comment:

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