Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweet pictures from the South

I made it to a seminar on Mapuche health, and they served some food. The seminar was good. I was a bit disappointed by the food... Wheat is not native to South America. I wish the indigenous communities would have held on to their ancient bread ingredients (potatoes and nuts from native trees). Then also I could have digged into these dishes!

From the Urban Mapuche seminar to the rural reality in Uruguay. May I present to you: a Uruguayan calf!

And a Uruguayan pig.

A very polemic (almost dried out) water well. 

The king of the place.

And a tour with the owner of his very famous cheese production site.

Cheese in the making!

Growing old.

And even older.

Uruguayan countryside. Slow living at its best.

Soon to be soy field?

Soy field. Say no more...

My dinner out as a researcher. A bit lonely sometimes..But the food was good, despite the slow service. But Uruguay is the mecca of slow living, of course the food has to be slow as well! This is btw Colonia, Uruguay.

Then I visited this place. An oasis, with a very very interesting story and project behind.

The future fridge. Today small plant storage.

Restoring the native nature of Uruguay. Almost in extinction.

Clear waters after restoring the soil. Incredible!

Do you know where you food comes from? Do you care?