Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rash update

Since May I have been on a strict diet because of some skin rashes that would not go away. I have had to exclude strictly everything that includes milk protein (and sugar, gluten and yeast which anyway were not part of my diet before). It has slowly been getting better but the problem still persist. Most frustrating about the whole thing has been that I have still not been completely sure what is causing the rash. The doctors I've seen have recommended some sort of creams, and I myself have tried many different antibacterial creams. The last doctor that I saw in May gave me this long list of what to eat and what not. Well, as said, it has been getting better. But every once in a while the rash pops up again, red and itchy. Once after having eaten at a Nepalese restaurant, chicken masala, which I thought was gluten and dairy free - now I think it might have had both in it. I ate there two weeks ago, the rashes are still there... And then yesterday, I couldn't figure out why the rash just suddenly got worse. Until this morning, I had a look at the dark chocolate package from where I had eaten one (!) piece of chocolate yesterday. I thought it was milkfree, dark chocolate 70%, normally safe. But no. Fazer has the bad habit of adding milk powder into their dark chocolate mix. Goodbye chocolate - I will have to donate to someone else. And well, at least one thing seems to be clear: the rashes ARE connected with dairy, even in tiny tiny amounts. ARRRRGH!!!!!

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