Monday, December 9, 2013

Sweet dreams on holiday

We have been visiting family in Chile for a couple of weeks. I decided not to get to hung up on organic food while we are here. I know it is impossible to live as we do in Finland and instead I decided to enjoy every bite of good food without thinking of the source, the pesticides or the GMO ingredients in some of the food. In the middle of the winter I have indulged in fresh locally produced vegetables and fruits; hey it is summer here so you can imagine what that means as far as diversity goes! I have eaten my fair share of (cooked) seafood and fish, and a lot of fatty beef! As the days have gone by I have also let the kids try foods that they usually have to avoid in Finland. And strangely enough we have not noticed too bad side effects (makes me wonder once again - am I imagining, or is there something more to wheat and milk and the place where these are produced?).

I have tried to only drink bottled water but some days I have been too lazy (particularly in the night) and just had tap water. This does produce some concern, I knew they add chloride here and now I found out that also flouride is added. Not good for the baby I am carrying...

Another thing I have maybe been a little bit too loose on is herbal tea... Because of my holiday from strict diet, I have also had some digestive issues (too little good fiber and fat I think). So I drank some Boldo tea and boldo water a couple of days right when I got up. This is supposed to help digestion. Today I stopped by my herbal dealer in twon, thought I'd take some boldo and other herbs with me. Talking to the lady in the store I found out that as pregnant I should really not be drinking any herbal teas whatsoever. Uups... First maca, and now this. When we got home I googled boldo+embarazo and found out that very little is know of the effects, there are some scientists that mean that there is a connection to Parkison, and in huge amounts it is used as an abortive method (hey we are in Chile, where legal abortion is practically impossible....). Well, this one is still kicking, and I am not going to freak out about Parkisons when it grows old just because I drank a glass of tea three mornings while here... But I'll stay away from herbs from now on... One thing I will have to check is the effect of ginger on the baby. I have used this as a natural remedy before, together with garlic, and since I found this combination I have not needed any antibiotics again... but the lady at the store said something about ginger as well... so I will do some research!

Anyway, I think it does good to the body when the soul finds some rest from not stressing too much about the food around it. I have avoided gluten all the time, and most of the sugar, but for the rest, it has been a really nice holiday food-wise!

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