Monday, June 10, 2013

From dreaming to action!

I used to dream of a better world. Now I have my hands in the dirt, literally. May today be a proof of my road towards real action:

Set one big bag of potatoes in the ground. With the help of my uncle and his old potato setting machines (borrowing land from him as well, important acknowledgement). I hope the potatoes will make it and once we get them out of the ground, some two months from now, they will also last at least until Christmas. Storage? Well, we have a never used potato cellar in our house now. Let's see if it can keep up with the task!

I also picked nettles, a big bunch. And these were just lightly boiled. I'll get them through the food processor and then into the freezer for the winter. Replacing our use of frozen spinach (which is on the list of the dirty dozen, btw). And I saved the boiled water, it is supposed to be good fertilizer for the plants...

The other thing I picked was dandelions. A whole bunch of them. So now I am also trying out this recipe: Sunshine syrup, which I found through this excellent blog: Lev mer på mindre. She also gives this great link for what to do with dandelions: What to do with dandelions. I'll try to explore a bit more still, but time is running out with the dandelion season...

We had some really good polenta fried fish to lunch. Now the salmon is the oven. I usually do not make this much fish, but we had a fish market last Saturday in town, and I kind of overdid my shopping there...

Soon I am off to a cooking course on how to make use of the fresh and wild produce of the season! Kind of right up my alley.

Feels good to be alive and not only dreaming for a while.

Tomorrow I continue my day (dream) job. Have a lot of text lined up in my head that needs to get structured and sent out for review!

Enjoy the sun everyone!

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