Sunday, November 17, 2013

Expanding knowledge boundaries

Things are moving along maybe faster than what I am capable of handling right now. But it seems ok still, time is ready for this...While the storm is ranging outside our house, I feel relaxed and filled with the energy from the full moon.

My thirst for knowledge has brought me into new areas again. Had already decided that I will not open up Pandora's box of vaccinations before I am ready for it. It just felt too loaded with "bad energy" - and conflicts, and bringing me more problems with my closest and dearest surrounding. Well, guess what? As I am pregnant again, and Kidtwo is soon up for some shots, I decided that time has come to take on the bull fight. Today both hubby and I participated in a Pandora's box opening lecture on how the whole vaccine paradigm works. I might give you the details at some point but right now I've decided to let myself get accommodated with the new information. Actually, I can tell I was ready to receive this information because nothing of what I heard was shocking or unexpected. In fact, it was the part of the health puzzle that was missing for me. Now I understand more clearly why kids are so sick these days, and why people of my generation go around with so many autoimmune diseases. What I still cannot understand is the blindness of the practitioners in the field of medicine - how on earth has this been possible?

The second thing I wanted to share is that I am looking into "painfree" delivery through hypnobirthing. This is exciting stuff - learning to connect to the inner you, breath well, prepare for a fearless delivery, and thereby also a painfree delivery. I might tell you more as I move along my preparations. Not sure yet if I will be able to release all that subconscious fear hiding inside of me to be able to pull this through when time comes. But tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend that happens to be a doula - and I will definitely ask her advice on this subject!

This is the book I am reading: Hypnobirthing

Here a video clip on what it is all about:

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