Sunday, November 10, 2013

News from over here

I need to keep the flow going here on this blog, although I mostly working locally now, blogging in Swedish on my other blog. But I still think this blog is worth keeping alive: just to focus on food and well-being and dismantling myths about the two.

So here are some significant news from over here:

1. My rashes are GONE!!! It only took 10 months but they are gone. And you can't believe how happy I am to look myself in the mirror and not see a snorting-kind-of-face staring back at me. I still think my gut needs some more healing but at least it doesn't seem to be so acute anymore.

2. I stopped eating maca. Two reasons: you are not supposed to eat it for a prolonged time according to the research I did for the previous post, and maybe more importantly, several of the sources I used mentioned that pregnant women should not consume maca. Before I have talked to any indigenous health experts from Peru on the subject, I thought I'd better be safe than sorry because, yes, this is my other big news of the day: I am pregnant. A little bit of a surprise but as the tummy grows and the kicks get stronger I can feel the love building up inside of me.

3. Because of my "blessed situation" I am now both freaking out and embracing the situation. During my two previous pregnancies I have not been remotely aware of all the things I know today. This is both empowering and scary. I am trying to deal with my knowledge so that it is mostly empowering and I am glad to say that my health care sister is quite understanding of my increased knowledge on most subjects. Last time I paid here a visit I had to fill in the papers on my eating habits. As I ticked the "saturated fat" boxes I said to her "you will probably kick me out after this", and when she said that if I wanted she could book me an appointment at the dietitian's office I politely declined. I said that appointment will only end up in a debate on who is right and wrong, I'd rather see a dietitian that follow the same stream of "belief" as myself. So then I turned to another one, just over the chat, checking whether what I am eating is ok... and it should be - in the end, who knows really what is ok and what not?!?

4. I am going into the "next level", from mostly being concern about food related stuff to achieve well-being I am now stepping into the mental awareness phase. We laughed with a colleague the other day, because we have both done the same journey, we agreed that this is how it goes, first you become aware of you body and from there you move over to the mind. So with the mental thing comes this next thing, which I hope I will be blogging more about in the future: Hypnobirthing. I have discovered a book by this name and it is all about going through labor without fear and pain - just as women used to do it thousands years back. Fascinating stuff and I am determined to at least give it a chance. I have the book, I am learning every day, and if it won't give me a painless birthing experience, at least it will give me tools on how to relax - and already that would be a tremendous victory in my life!

So these were my updates for today. Let's see if I can start squeezing in some more informative posts in the near future again!

Until then, I thought I should let you know about the new lecture from Robert Lustig that was recently released on Youtube. I watched it today and feel a little be more informed once again on the connection between sugar, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome! And above all, in his lecture he shows that it is the processed foods (not the sodas) that are the number one reason to this obesity epidemic. This is what I have been trying to say all the time: stay away from that stuff, you never know how much sugar they manage to hide in there! He talks especially about the unhealthy sweetened yogurts. This is also why I feel we are so misinformed in this country, most people think that our eating habits are so different in comparison with those fast food eating and soda drinking North Americans... but really, if we give processed food the space it really deserves in this debate, then we are not that much better off than what they are on the other side of the big pond...

Here the clip:

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