Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lucky friends - lucky me!

I just tried posting on Facebook a status about the delicious smell in our home tonight...but it didn't appear. Better do it here instead then. I've been trying out the first baking recipe from my book selection of Spunky Coconut. And earlier today I made another ice cream for some friends with dairy allergies.

I was going to say that aren't my friends lucky that get to try out these new creations. But as I was frosting the cake I realized I'd better refrase.... I am so lucky to have friends that go along as guinea pigs in my gluten, sugar and milkfree endeavors. Soon we will have parties coming up - and I believe the judgement from 5 year olds will be harsher than the critics coming from my adult friends...

Strawberry ice cream with chocolate (86%) topping. Emptied 1 liter in less than 10 minutes. Define gluttony! ;-)

Chocolate frosted whitebean (!) cake - for tomorrow's visit to friends place (friend if you read this, get prepared!!!)

And there my first ice cream attempts - pretty successful according to the judges (age: 2,4, 25+, 35+)
Easy there kiddo... Fresh (Danish) strawberry twist - coconut milk based (check out my new miracle machine, isn't it beautiful?)

Coconut mint stracciatelli topped with pecan nuts. My personal favourite so far, although the coconut milk was not the best one (granulated a bit when cooled - Biona, go figure...)

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