Tuesday, April 9, 2013

About my process

Forget the gut healing stuff. I had one good day, Saturday, when I followed the GAPS rules, bone broth, ginger tea, broccoli soup on bone broth, ginger tea, meat soup with some more broth.... And then, what happened? Well life happened. Kidtwo sick again. And I cannot follow such a strict diet when tired and with other issues to take care. So I decided to skip it. We still continue eating soups this week, because I probably made some 20 liters of bone broth. Or more. Not even sure if I need to do such a strict diet. My problems aren't really that big at the end of the day. Skin rash at the nose still there though. Bugger. I've tried many different natural remedies and even thought that garlic finally would take care of it, but not yet. I'll blame it on the weather, too cold for this time of the year! I am supplementing with magnesium though, and that is good. As well as some good probiotic pills, fermented food, kefir. And yes, zero sugar. Not even fruit. But today I think I'll break that rule also.

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