Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hope in new generations

Yesterday I got the book "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon and "Deep Nutrition by Dr Cate. Great reads. Fallon's book has a wealth of information, even how to cure naturally most common child diseases. It is also a good guide to how to "produce" excellent offsprings, by eating the right kind of nutrient dense food  previous to conception. Wish I would have known about the book some 7 years ago..There is always a small sense of guilt for not having known all this stuff before. At least I am grateful that everything went quite well still. I mean, we could have had it a lot worse, heavy allergies during lactation, defect teeth, skin issues, behavioral issues, allergies, asthma... My kids are after all in the books of any doctor almost perfectly normal!

But hey, I was actually going to post this link: Farmvoices. Wooho!! I am so happy, the new generation is returning to the farms in the US! Now if this would be back in the 1990's when all the young people in this small town wanted was to be like the "Americans" and have our own "MacDonalds" (me included, 90210 succer!), then it wouldn't take long before all the young kids of today would be longing out to the countryside here as well! Change is our house the plants are faster than speedy Gonzalez, and Kidone is already dreaming of setting up her own veggie stand at the market square this summer. Asking if she can keep the money for the veggies sold. Business woman that girl of mine... and picking up farming. That's my gal, following in mommy's footsteps! :-)

Today we also went for more raw milk from our milk farm. They had several customers there tonight. I said to the farmers "change is coming, be prepared!". When we got home Kidone drank two glasses straight of fresh milk and Kidtwo had two fried eggs with an egg yoke more yellow than a New York Taxi. Guess the chickens have been out eating spring grass!

And about raw milk, may I add that Sally Fallon and Dr Cate are both strong advocates of raw dairy. Pasteurized is a big no no in their vocabulary. They also like pastuered egg yokes. The more yellow the better!

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