Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Denial stage

I have hit the denial stage. I am suddenly convinced that it's all in my head, and that the best thing would be to just continue with whatever is socially acceptable food. Forget all that bad stuff about wheat, forget the addictive properties of sugar and forget that someone in this family is reacting to milk. It's all in my head. Nobody else seem to be suffering, neither were we before I started trixing with the food... so why not just give up and give in.

Kids aren't eating that well what I am serving them right now. I am worried whether they get enough food here at home. Living without both bread and yogurt, and butter is HARD! And after having been alone with them for a week now I am slightly exhausted. To top it all off, I did not make it to the grocery store today and tomorrow the stores are closed. Our cupboards are empty and I wonder how the freaking h*ll we will make it through the day.  Wouldn't it be nice to just go to Hesburger, just once, forget about all this health food PROPAGANDA and let the kids have that Finnish equivalent to a happy meal.

I am posting this so that you can see that I have my doubts as well. I am no glossy mommy blogger. Yesterday I lost the temper with the kids and I do not know who of us yelled the loudest. Well, doesn't matter - all neighbor's heard ALL of us anyway.

My biggest frustration right now is Kidtwo's stomach. It just doesn't get better. He is on a milkfree diet right now. Waiting to do the tests. But this doesn't help and it makes me wonder what is behind his sensitive stomach... Have been thinking soy, cashew and even oatmeal milk... but now I am back suspecting the obvious: wheat (or gluten). And that my friends is why I want to shut my eyes and just sing lalalala... Really, I am so fed up thinking about what is eating my children. So fed up.

But happy "Kristi-flygare" to you all!


  1. Anda a disfrutar el dia! Y anda a comer fuera, claro! Yo también estoy sola por aqui y no pienso pisar la cocina! Ya verás, te hará bien!

  2. Hopefully you'll figure out what's upsetting his little stomach as soon as possible so that you can adjust the diet. Not knowing what's causing the problems makes you paranoid.

  3. Paranoid indeed and a bit upset that we haven't yet reserved the new time for allergy test, I talet to the doc over a month ago ... Considering shipping public health and make use of the insurance.