Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweetdreamer goes Patiperra

Hubby is in Chile right now. The family is all curious about what we are doing over I mean. And so I started a food series on my other blog regarding the food that we are and that we aren't eating ( Actually, this work started already some weeks back when my long time friend Dani (can you believe it, it's been a long time already!) asked me to guest write on her blog, in Portuguese (. So I wrote a few posts in Spanish, she translated them. Now I am only spreading the word, breaking language barriers...

Next topic: wheat. Getting geared...


  1. I would love to read those Spanish posts! Maybe I'll try with the help of google translate...

  2. Or maybe I do a translate into Swedish.... They are the highest quality of all my posts so far... just because they are also meant to be guest posts in Portuguese... don't want to shame the owner! ;-)