Sunday, May 13, 2012

Circles in the water

Yesterday I told my mom if she knew all the circles in the water originating from out disasterous day in Mariehamn one year ago (if you are curious, read this blogpost for the nasty details: Reclaiming the hoods)
 It was the day when I discovered the Pink "Wise Choice" Cookbook in the library. It was the day when I realized there might be away of getting rid off all those nasty foods marketed to kids.

Well my mom had no idea but I told her that the book did not only inspire me to do some changes in my children's diet it also changed the life for other kids in our surroundings. After sharing my experience and some recipes with friends, suddenly the pink book and its sugar/milkfree smoothies started appearing also elsewhere. I wasn't the only mommy charmed by the easy solution to healthier life proposed by this book.

I am happy to see a friend of mine blogging on the same topics as me, but in Swedish: Mat o mera
I really like her blog. Too bad for my foreign friends that she writes in Swedish. But I hope her blog will be widely shared around these places... because sharing is caring! And yes, if I would have figured out a better name than Patiperra for my blog in Swedish, I'd also be sharing some thoughts on the same subject for those living nearby. But the name is still under consideration. And for the time being, Patiperra has been kidnapped by my Spanish-alterego.

Hope you all had a nice mother's day. Mine was much better than I had ever thought was possible. Promised myself I will start to follow the first amendment soon: stop hanging here, start sleeping instead. Good night to you all!

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