Friday, September 7, 2012

Dental Check and Energy Drinks

We went to the dentist today. Both Kidone and Kidtwo had their biannual check. Nice teeth. No problems. Kidone used to have some issues with her bite, now gone. Very nice. After having read "How to Cure Tooth Decay" I ask myself whether a healthier diet had something to do with it, or whether it was just due to her cheaks getting bigger, as the official statement says.

Well anyway, now I just have to start brushing the teeth right when we get up (before brecky) and then in the evening also let the teeth rest for 30 minutes before brushing. I didn't discuss flour or no flour... felt I did not have enough energy for that debate... and I truly do not know what to think of it....

But I did discuss sugar with the dental nurse. I asked if she knows how the municipality is sabotaging their work on combating sugar to kids. She said yes, she is well aware of it. But she doesn't understand why. Juice, cookies for birthdays, sweet yogurts etc, way too often. she said.

On the way out I grabbed a brochure on energy drinks. Did you know that we Finns waste 100 (!) million euros on energy drinks every year. There are over 30 different brands of energy drinks on the market. Wish I was the sales person of energy drinks... good bonuses to fetch.... or then not... Energy drinks include coloured (!) water, coffein (!), taurin (!), and sweetners.  Coffein together with taurin stimulate the central nervous system. Energy drinks can cause irritation, shaking hands , nausea, tenseness, restlessness and anxiety. Yaks! And this stuff has no age limit in Finland! I guess money talks loud and clear here.

This made me remember something I heard on the news a couple of days ago. The Finnish PTA is currently gathering names to create a law initiative to ban energy drinks to kids under 16. This is a campaign worth supporting. After all, we are only 10 years away from that danger!

So please everyone sign the petition. Here are the links:
Hem och skola: energidrycker
Facebook: energiajuomat

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  1. Dental problem occur by many ways like eating junk food or other drinks. But you have to care your teeth against this type of junk food. Any ways thanks for given nice helpful information.