Friday, September 28, 2012

My Kryptonite

Hello folks! Are you still there?

I am out in the bush right now. Some nice pics coming soon, just forgot the cable at home so I can't transfer them to the computer.

Well, just wanted you to know that I have sinned, or in other words tried my kryptonite. Lessons learned, will try to avoid it in the future.
As I am out in the field right now and get the offer to have an "once" (Chilean evening tea, involving some sort of bread usually) or lunch, I have had no heart to say no thanks. Yesterday the lady of the house was preparing sopaipillas as I arrived, some half an hour later I was faced with the option of being rude or take the risk of falling ill. I chose the second option. And oh my, those sopaipillas were goooood! With some homemade jam. Yam! And I didn't fall ill.

I started thinking that maybe I do not have any problems with wheat. Maybe I have overreacted all this time... maybe it was all in my head. So today when I was invited for lunch at another place, and the lunch was pasta with a nice vegetarian sauce, I thought, what the heck, if my tummy could take care of the sopaipillas it will also fix the pasta. Dead wrong. Dead wrong, my friends. No more experimenting for this lady. My body clearly signaled that it was not happy with my risk taking two days in a row.

Well, good that we got this sorted out. At least I learned that I am not nuts, it's not all in my head. There is something in my tummy as well...

Have a nice weekend you all!

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