Sunday, September 23, 2012

Selected food pictures

Our egg-production facility. Personally certified it as both organic, local, and fair trade!

Typical oven in Cajon de Maipo where they bake a delicious bread (no more of this for me unfortunatelly).

Loose and happy hen = excellent eggs!

Almond tree

Child labor: almond hacker.

No more of this: locally produced manjar & mermalades.

Typical Chilean food: No more of this either....

Chilean fast food.

Pebre and Chimicurri, Chilean and Argentinean combo.

The Parrillada. Paleo dream (if you leave out the potatoes).

Digestion drink after all that food...

Nuts and dried food in San José de Maipo (the seller spoke Swedish)

 Natural remedies in San José de Maipo.
LIMONES at the fair in Quilin.

Alcachofas & their seller.

Fresh seafood

So good!

Machas, almejas, congrios, reinetas, corvinas... and much more!

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  1. It's getting colder here in Finland and I'm getting really envious looking at your pics. we'll just have to cope with imported almonds. Enjoy your stay!