Saturday, September 15, 2012

My first treats in Chile

 Made empanadas, although I didn´t have psyllium husk. Used an egg instead and some chia seeds, flax seed powder and a glutenfree flour based on mandioca (?), rice and some othe sort of flour, crispy outside, but it worked.

Muffins based on cacao, bananas, almond meal, coconut oil. vanilla essence, eggs and baking powder.

Our favourite coco balls - now also known in Chile- Success as always. (I illegally imported buckthorn berry  and lingon berry powder to roll them in - was not caught at the border control).

Oh, and I just have to add... that last plate -it used to be ours when we lived here. Sweet nostalgy!

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  1. Oh que bien! Oye pero para que tanta harina diferente pa la empanada? Mia, pusiste harina de farofa en la massa kkkkkkkkkkkk! Harina de mandioca nosotros hacemos huevo revuelto y cuando esta casi seco, pero todavia mojado, tiras la harina esa...y lo ultimo: aqui es bastante popular harina de castana (chestnut), la voy a comprar y tratar de hacer algo con ella! Muchos besos y que sigan disfrutando a saco, me muero de envidia de tu acceso a las mejores paltas mmmmmmmmmmmm