Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boosting immune defense...

We've been through a week of illnesses. And I am proud to say that I managed to take care of my little ones last Friday all by myself although I had also been ill and was quite week. We worked through it together, without any paracetamol this time, only wet cloths and a lot of water. It increased my confidence in myself, and although I became a bit anxious when the high (39) fever didn't seem to want to let go of my little girl. But both she and I were determined to fight it off naturally, and we did. Second day she was already a lot better.

Now I am boosting them with all kinds of foods that hopefully will help them to fight off any other infection present at their daycare. This is what I have come up with so far:

1. Juiced oranges with ginger and cinnamon - made into popsicles in the muffin molds in the freezer. Usually it is hard to get the kids to eat ginger, but this way it worked!

2. Bone broth - soup out of bone broth. I only had fish broth in the freezer so I made fish soup. Added som ginger to it as well, so little that it hardly had any effects.

3. Water - water - water. When the kids were so ill that they didn't want anything at all I used all techniques except for force. I blackmailed and I psyched them. Call me a witch mother but it worked. They drank it all up.

4. My natural chocolate / date / coconut balls, filled with dried c-vitamine rich berry powder, anti-inflammatory coconut oil, and probiotics powder. The kids usually notice when I add the probiotics to yogurt or porridge, or smoothies and then they refuse to drink it. But in these chocolate balls the probiotics went down unnoticed.

5. Coconut icecream , fortified with probiotics, for the same reasons as above.

6. Treat: chickpea/oatmeal bread. New recipe of mine. Worked wonders yesterday when appetite was still low. I guess bread isn't the best thing in the world to give the kids but when the only thing my girl wanted when she was feeling really bad was some bread, I just had to fulfill her wishes. I got a big hug as I served her some fresh bread right from the oven yesterday.

And with this, I hope we are done being ill for now ...

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