Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegetarian "con piernas"

I have found my favourite lunch restaurant. Fast food. Fast vegetarian food. Its called "Naturista" and it is only one block away from the National Library.

Decorated like a "café con piernas" but the servants and male (not beautiful young light dressed women), the servings are delicious vegetarian plates (not coffee), and the clientel is mostly health concious busy people (not old and grumpy men). Loooove!

Yesterday I had a soup of "cochayuyo" (Chilean brown algues). I have never been a fan of chocayuyo, but this soup got me hooked. I went back today for a plate of lentils with rice, topped with ají and pebre! Yam, yam, yam.

I have also made a deal with the chef that he will prepare a "torta de ensalada" for a me to take with me home. It looks so delicious and I want to check if my kids like the concept. The problem is that they make it with pancakes but he promised he could make one with ham instead of the wheat pancakes, if I bring the ham (its a veggie-restaurant, they wouldn´t have such ingredients...).

I am also planning to go and buy a "water based" icecream made out of the fruits of the season. I guess that would be a sorbet. But I am curious to try.

Some day I´ll post the pictures from this lovely place!



  1. Uau que excelente, me muero por conocerlo!!! Y tu ya ganaste al chef! En 1 mes te contratan para hacer una nueva carta!!!

  2. Sipo! Lo convierto el "naturista paleo" en otro mes mas! :-))))