Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From burned out to hunting witches!

Last year was intense (last year as in school year Sept 2011-Aug 2012). I allowed myself to open my eyes, or actually open my links to alternative blogs and Facebook pages regarding food, and to new (to me) streams of thoughts within economic sciences. Heavy.

Since long, my private email is filled daily with new information on food and health related issues and my work mail is filled with other alarming studies on society, environment, and sustainability. I am totally aware of the problems of the world, both inside our bodies and outside. Living currently in a place where these things are not even dicussed makes me feel that there is really not much left to do.  Here, ALL kids drink some sort of sugary drink every day (many times even). And it doesnt end there, it is completely normal to eat white wheat based breads for breakfast (if not chocopics or some other sugarfilled cereals), before lunch and as evening snack. Kids have sugar yogurts for breakfast and snack. People think you are crazy if you do not want sugar in your coffee or tea... Kids meal at the restaurants always include "papas fritas", and asking for something else causes eye browse to rise (also asking for water for the kids instead of the juice that otherwise would be included).

Then in my work inbox: rising sea levels threathen US coast line, Loss of the hope of Utopia etc... And not surprisingly the major newspaper over here is prentending that it is a good thing that China is hungry for the country´s natural resources (now also turning its interest towards food, not only minerals and pulp...). The same newspaper reports the alarming tendency that the country is loosing its position as the most important cupper exporter... I mean, hello, earth calling!!! Reality check, anyone?

I think it has been great the the new social media have opened new venues for concious people to exchange information and also pass on information to others interested. But really, who are we kidding? And really, is it really worth it? Could it be that more happiness is hidden is just relaxing, instead of walking around and thinking of the end of the world. Because right now reading my inbox it really feels like "its the end of the world" but after a couple of days at the beach I can also tell you that "I feel fine..."(thanks vitamine D!). I even had a pisco sour today, and an ice cream ( the kids too...and how they smiled afterwards!)!

Anyways, for me it is time to turn the page and start focusing on the good stuff. That is why I am planning to learn more about indigenous culture and medicine. I am really intrigued about the whole cosmovision of Chilean indigenous tribes. This is my second year of eyes wide open, and instead of walking around being alarmed about the state of the world I am going to concentrate on the good stuff. Because it still exists out there, we just have to go and find it! And pass it on and defend it, as if it was the most precious gift of all!!!

I´ll tell you more once I have found my machi maestra!

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