Saturday, October 6, 2012

Metro observation

I am right now baking a "tiger cake". It is so nice that there are frozen beans in the deep frozen section at the supermarket. You do not need to plan ahead two days to get this bean cake done. It is realy nice to get the hands into the dough again. There is not much time over for that kind of stuff right now. Mostly it is the head that is in the middle of a very messy (but oh so interesting!) dough of field research.

Thought I should plot down some food observations while the cake is baking (and the kids watching tv). Like yesterday, when I took the metro at 7:20 in the morning, and the two young ladies accompanied by a girl the age of my daughter got on the metro at the same place as me. As the metro started moving they picked up a "alfajor" (cookie with caramel sauce dipped in chocolate frosting) and opened the packed and handed it to the girl. Nice breacky! The girl was happy! I stood right next to them, and watched. Was this close (1 cm) to tell them how bad that is for the girl's long term health. But I kept quiet. None of my business.

My father-in-law explained a better strategy. If I have the chance, I should use the economic arguments (and the weight loss argument) to get people to understand. Usually one of the most misinterpreted issues about eating healthy is that it is more expensive. Really, it isn't. Particualrly not here. How much money isn't poored into all those coke bottles? Cookies? Different types of bread. At the end of the day, you need less when you eat healthy. But I am not really into converting anyone (anymore). If someone asks for advice, I can help, if not, not my business. And that is why am taking a step back and keeping my mouth (and eyes) shut. Not my business.

My business it to get my bean cake out of the oven. Now!

So long!

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