Friday, March 8, 2013

Newen Woman!

While my blogging sisters on other blogs go through the battle still to be won by us women, I use this women's day to concentrate on the basics: We women have an intrinsic power that we need to recognize and take care of. Some culture's get it right, like the Mapuche Culture - read my blogpost in Swedish on this topic here:Kvinnodagen till ära. Others are "lost in translation".

I consider myself part of a culture that belongs to the latter. No matter how many figures on equal rights, women in higher managerial positions, women in parliament, as presidents or years of voting rights, facts remain: we are and will always be a lower cast than the men while measuring in these male world numbers. What more, as long as we are incapable of recognizing this and continue striving for perfection on all levels, we drive ourselves crazy, with serious health problems as a consequence. And not to forget; violence and harassment are a nasty byproduct of this never ending rat race between women and men.

First step: recognize your virtues as a woman (or a man for that matter)!
Second step: be proud of them and make them shine!
Third step: start living according to your virtues and forget all the rest.

The rest will follow.

Have a wonderful Friday afternoon you all!

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