Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 10 junk food, top 10 good food.

From the podcast of Helathy Life Summit with Kelly the Kitchen Cop.

Top 10 junk food:

1. Bad fats, the real artery cloggers, partially hydrogenenated anything, canola, soybean, cotton seed  oils. these are fake foods, not traditional, you want to avoid those.
Flax oil, sunflower, peanut oil - good quality oils is ok in small amounts.Canola, soy and cotton seed are not quality oils!

2. High fructose corn syrup: making people so sick, strong link between HFCS and heart desease.

3. MSG: nerve toxin, linked to migraine. Can be found in pretty much all processed foods. Hidden names for MSG, need to become a label reader, google the names to understand which names are actually MSG. Easier thing: don't buy anything that you do not understand, because there are so many names for MSG that it is hard to avoid.

4.  Preservatives and pesticides, pesticides aren't on the labels, pretty much anything grown conventionally have used pesticides to kill bugs. Preservatives have weird scientific names, probably want to avoid.

5. GMO products. ALmost all processed food includes GMO (not sure about Europe here, my comment).
 Chemicals used to fought off weed on resistant GMO plants, do we really want these chemicals in our system? Can cancer be linked to the increase in amount of chemicals in our food system?

6. Factory farmed meat, cows jammed inside, who knows what they are being fed (corn & soy), those things we do not want to eat ourselves is given to the meat we will be eating. Not living in healthy conditions. When we eat that meat it will be doing the same thing to us (if we eat pastured animal, we are basically eating what they are eating - the grass that is made for them, not they soy and hormones that they are fed).

7. Artificial food dyes and flavors - almost in everything (tooth paste, medicine, candies like skiddos and m&m:s yogurts). Many flavors start off in petroleum refineries in China, many banned but many still being used.

8. Sugar - truvia is ok, but quite strong for baking, she recommends palm sugar for baking. Anything more natural than the refined white sugar. Agave? Some say it is highly processed, stay away but others say certain types are not so bad, it does have a high level of fructose. Honey, maple syrup, traditional sugar are good. Honey stirred in raw milk is really good.

9. Low fat foods are on the baddy list. Have the same feel in the mouth as real food but are actually fake.

10. Soy: not healthy, causes thyroid issues, all fake, better just avoid it.

Top 10 good food:

1. Pastured animal meat ("salad bar beef" - cows eating grass). They are given what the nature intended, loaded with nutrients for us: higher on omega 3 than conventional, higher in vitamine D because getting sunshine, vitamine E. A lot of people not eating meat started off not eating meat because they do not want to eat that factory farmed meat, but real meat is a good option.

2. Raw milk. Ultrapastorized milk does not even need to be in refrigerator, it is dead because all bacteria have been killed. Date of expiration over two months away: unpastorized. BUT Raw milk includes all enzymes that the body needs to absorb it, are still intact. A lot of people who cannot tolerate dairy can drink raw milk because of the enzymes.

3. Animal fats. Probably the best thing about real food diet. Butter is good for you! Add 6 spoon of butter to the potatoes. High in vitamine D, and K. PArticularly good if from pastured animals. good idea to buy a lot of butter in the spring (when it is the best) and freeze it. Regarding butter: research it yourself if you are concerned about the health issues of butter, if you google it and do some research on your own you will find out about butter. Coconut oil is also good.

4. Blue bottle medicine. Cod liver oil and Vitamine D - cure any symptom of flu in high doses. Take a hit, one dose and the next morning it is away. Can also be used for PMS.

5. Produce that is not sprayed. Google "dirty dozen and the clean 15", any kind of berries (very much sprayed), cucumbers are sprayed, salad lettuce is sprayed. Clean 15 are the ones you do not have to worry so much about  because they are not so much sprayed (but buy organic if you can afford it).

6. Fermented food. Definite real food, fils the gut with healthy bacteria that kill of desease. Good way to get good bacteria in your gut. Real sauerkraut, (if it has vinegar not the real stuff but made with sea salt then it is good). If you cannot get fermented food - take probiotics (to kids who are not willing to eat fermented food).

7. Bone broth. Not the stuff you poor into the water, but actually boiling bones to get out the good gelatine and marrow out of the bones. Cook your meat with the bones! Don't buy boneless!

8. Certain breads are better for us than other; true sour dough is better than conventional, if it includes yest it is not a true sour dough! Antinutrients are broken down by the fermenting process in sour dough - easier to digest for those that have problems to digest grains.

9. More local food - has more nutrients than those that have travelled from faraway places. Organic doesn't mean that you are getting nutrient dense food.

10. Organ meats, and sea food - also good stuff.

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