Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raising my kids to take on the Food Fight

This music video is just fantastic!

I tell you... Kellogg Frosties tiger, Ronald McDonald and all those other evil kid's junk food marketers are not welcomed here anymore. We watched this video on my phone three times (!) yesterday and talked about the baddies (processed crap) and the goodies (healthy food). Kids seemed to get the picture... and now they want to see the video once again!

And for those out there that think that this kind of method is not an appropriate education method, I just say HAHAHA! As if happy meal boxes, toys hidden in the cereal boxes, or Disney character's on cookie wraps would be fair play either.

If they play it ugly, so can we. And we better get  prepared with our healthy message, because just as this music video indicate: we are up for a big big fight.

(Also, listened to Vandana Shiva's powerful message in the back when the boy walks around in the store. It is one of the most important issues behind this struggle: the access to seeds and land out in the countryside, all over the world, not only in India.)


  1. So cool that the kids liked it! :D

  2. Yep, it was cool while I showed it to them on the small screen of my phone.. I think it was a bit much to have them see it on the big computer screen.... but anyways, the debate is on in this house, what is healthy what not, and why do we choose some things and say no to others...