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Skin Care - Glowing from the inside out

Today the Healthy Life Summit podcast marathon started. And I have already listened into two really interesting topics. One from Joel Salatin on how to build a more sustainable world through local farming and raising awareness of the importance of local organically grown foods (this topic is really my favourite now, I could talk for hours...) but I am not going to go into detail on that one right now. I ordered is book "Folks, this ain't normal" so I might do a review once I have read it. No, I am going to do a recap of the second podcast with Liz Wolfe from the blog Cave Girl Eats, she talks about skin issues and personal care items and the importance of good food for good and healthy skin. Here the recap of a VERY good podcast:

She starts from killing some myths:
Myth number 1: Putting oil on your skin causes more skin problems. Wrong! Oil cleansing is about balancing oil production on your skin. Using the right kind of oil to clean your skin will balance the oil balance in your skin.

Myth number 2: I have skin problems because my skin or body is not clean enough. Wrong! Go gentle, natural inside and outside and that will balance your skin balance.

Myth number 3: I need antibiotics to help with my skin problems. Wrong! Antibiotics works for a period of time, but when antibiotics run out the problem occurs again, maybe even because of the antibiotics. Through antibiotics your are also killing the good bacteria that keep the bad bacteria at bay. If you have hada a lot of antibiotics when kid you might have opened the way for acne (and other) problems because of this killing of good bacteria.

Myth number 4: You need a lot of expensive skin products. Wrong.
All you need is baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil. Everybody do not tolerate coconut oil right away (requires healing) if that is the case, go for olive oil instead. No poo (not using shampooin) = apple cider vinegar + baking soda to balance the Ph of your skull.

Myth number 5: Sweat causes odor and pit stains. Wrong.
There are different kinds of sweat but you can do a lot to conquer odor by only changing nutrition (I know!, my comment). Most conventional deodorants are causing the pit stains. Sweat is a natural thing, biological process, but it doesn't have to stink or stain. It is a way for the body to keep itself cool, detoxify itself (she recognize it is overused). Deodorants are part of the stinky problem...

Myth number 6: Food doesn't help my skin, hair and nail. Wrong.
As the human diet changed, as more processed food entered our food: dental cavities, dental problems were noted. There are thousand different ways bad food and a stressful life affect our body and health, also the skin, hair and nails.

Myth number 7: My doctor knows everything about my skin. Wrong.
We can take ownership of our own physical health, you do not need to wait for a professional to tell you what is going on in your body. Doctors are useful tools but what we should really be cultivating is our own instinct about how to live to improve your health (and your skin).

Myth number 8: My doctor knows nothing about my skin. Wrong.
The doctors go to school for a long time and know a lot, particularly about acute issues (chronic issues is harder for them to address).

Then she moves to talk about what is good nutrition for a healthy body and skin?
- depends on person
- high intake of minerals, fat soluble minerals (A,D, K),  no processed foods.

Where do you get the fat soluble minerals?
A) Betacaroten from veggies (carrots) hard to convert to vitamin A, instead animals convert betacaroten from grass to vitamin A for us (liver, grass fed steak, cod liver oil) --> we get it in the usable form, which helps us heal our skin and all sort of issues. Liver is the best source, in contrast to common belief it is not a storage of toxins in the body, instead it strain stuff out, toxins goes through the liver but doesn't stay there. It is a power food for us to eat. Traditional cultures valued it a lot because of its nutrient rich properties.

D) Epidemic of vitamin D deficiency among modern societies, because we are not eating enough food with vitamin D but because we are so afraid of the sun. Something so phenomenal as the sun that gives life to earth, we need it to generate vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with disease  an internal antibiotic. Modern sun screen blocks out one type of UVA, not the other, we are creating an unbalance in our system - but health of skin and body is always about finding a balance.

K) Different types of vitamin K: different form in vegetable based than animal based. The vitamin K in soy fermented products cannot be used efficiently in the body. Vitamin K coming from milk from cows that have been eating  growing grass. We do not eat milk from cows that have all the nutrients left (fat) and who have been chewing on growing grass, out in the sun. Drink real milk! For those who cannot eat dairy: eat fermented cod liver oil, great source of A and D and K, or from liver (organ meats). A lot of literature that connects dairy with acne is completely true for modern processed milk - but not raw full fat dairy. Also recommend dessicated liver (in a pill, particularly for those who try to conceive and need more of these nutrients), sea food is important also (here you also get zink which is very important for skin).

Eating well and still having trouble? You can have issues with digestion. You need to have the capacity to take up all these nutrients from the food, stress and antibiotics might have had a toll on your digestion system and then maybe you are not absorbing the nutrients correctly. No matter how much you eat, it won't absorb.

Adequate stomach acid: digestive bitters, supportive substances that are natural and have a long history in human consumption.

Supporting liver: bad bacteria can cause toxins that burden the liver!

Good gut flora: through fermented food, and what to feed the good bacteria once they are in your system.

Three important things: sleep, reduce stress, do not over-exercise!

It is easy to change what we put in our mouth, it is easy to take a supplement - but what is really difficult is to change lifestyle (sleep, stress and doing exercise that actually cause stress).

If you are sleep deprived you will not be digesting your food correctly...sleep is the key in the lock, it is so hard, and a lot of people cannot structure your life to get enough sleep : start with quality sleep, rearrange things, go to sleep early, do things early in the morning instead...going back to how ancestors lived, avoid artificial light, there is a reason to the dark... there is a reason why it is time to go to sleep when it is dark...

Sleep= rest + repair.

Artificial light is really bad - try an experiment, follow the sun (hahah, in Finland yeah right... my comment), rely on candle lights and see what happens to your body.

Stay away from these ingredients in your personal care products:

wheat germ, wheat protein (gluten) - those who are gluten sensitive or celiac, gluten can hide in your personal care products and cause problems.

Triclosan: antibacterial soap, kills good and bad bacteria, encourages surviving bacteria to mutate, instead use hot water or if you need soap use castile soap. When traveling bring with you a probiotic soap.

Bezoncloriumchloride (?): subst itute for triclosan, or usual in alcohol-free products, connected with imperable immune functions. Not necessary.

lost this one, but something about coconut... leftover stuff from coconut products, sold off to be used in other

Propyline glycol: main ingredient in anti-freeze, used to give shampoo smooth texture and keep it from hardening.

Aluminium: number one ingredient in antiperspirants. Problem: blocks sweat. We are supposed to sweat, especially when working out - get over it, let it flow. Natural.

Parabens. Presevatives, extend shelf life, linked to hormone disruptors.

Sodium laureat sulfit - SLS - mutagenic, it is in everything. makes soap foamy but makes skin lose moisture.

Phfalates: hormone disruptors. Hide behind "fragrants". Feed ourselves through skin with these harming ingredients that hide other harmful ingredients.

Skin Problems:
Catharsis pilaris (spelling?): dry skin on elbows or legs has to do with vitamin A and K deficiency.
Cellulite: stimulate circulation, dry brushing, reuse coffee grain leftovers to scrub. Take off constricting clothes when you can: underwear (advice: sleep naked...).

She also talks about menstrual care and birth control pill issues. But I will not go into this one, you might imagine what it is all about but this is way too long already, and if you made it this far I congratulate you!

Good night!

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