Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Skin rashes

I am really annoyed that the skin rash I had some four years ago arond my nose has started to flourish again. Knowing what I know now, I can be quite certain that it has something to do with my gut, liver or hormonal imbalances. I am quite certain it also has to do something with me indulging in rye bread since we got home... thinking that a little bit of gluten won't kill you... Well... how to heal this thing now... that is the question. Thinking maybe I should finally do a detox... but that would require mindfulness and slowing down...and maybe add some exercise to this life of mine... something I feel I cannot do right now... I know! It is absurd isn't it? You know what is right for you, you know what you should do but somehow you just can't bring yourself around to do it. I am also way too tired to do anything, so instead of taking care of myself I just grab that cup of coffee and the dark chocolate... knowing it is bad both for me and my skin rash... Someone above, please, motivate me. Goodnight.

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