Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Made my day!

Today I had a beautiful start of the day. I went down to the hair dresser in our house to get some soap for the new house. We started talking about gardening, hens, milk and cows and one thing led to an other and suddenly I find myself giving advice on how to bake in our way. I realized I possess a world of knowledge. A world of knowledge that I have naturalized. I do not even reflect upon it, or think of it as something strange. I know where to shop glutenfree natural flour. I know how to use coconut oil. I know how to sweeten stuff with only dates and banana, and if needed honey. I know what psyllium husk is and how you can use it in baking. Heck, it seems like I know a lot of stuff that is unknown to many out there.

Maybe I shouldn't be downplaying my knowledge? Maybe I should cherish it and let it come alive more often. Well, let's see if there is anyone interested when I'll hold my sugar, wheat and milk free cooking course next fall at an institute here in town. Maybe it is worth it. Maybe there are people that really want to know!

Once I get into the new kitchen, I hope I can start baking and experimenting in the kitchen again. It's been a while. But in our tiny current hideaway you do not do a lot of experimenting. Or correction, a lady of my generation has a hard time doing a lot of experimenting there. My grandmother used to make a complete four-course dinner for ten in that same space. But that was then and this is now....or maybe, that was her and this is me! ;-)

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