Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skin rash update

Remember my skin rashes? Remember the curing from the inside out?

Well, I finally made it to a doctor who knows what she is doing. And this time I mean really knows. She gave me a list of what to eat and what not. Basically, she had me drop milk products and yeast (which I do not eat much anyway) from my already quite ok diet. I mean, I already dropped sugar and gluten years ago. I dropped coffee in March when I realized just a zip of coffee will make my nights miserable. And I have been trying to eat myself (and sleep) towards a better skin since Easter. But without success. The cortisone cream that another doctor prescribed got the rashes to to calm down, but only while I was using it. A week later the rash return, in foll blown. Just as I knew it would...

Well it just seems that I have become sensitive to milk. I prefer to think that it was a reaction of the change of environment, the stress and the lack of sleep that did it. I hope there is a chance that I will be able to digest some milk product again once I have my gut back in balance. The doctor also prescribed a heavy dosis of probiotics. These aren't for sales in any health store or farmacy, I had to order them directly from the distributor. They arrived yesterday and I immediately started taking them. I am boosting the gut bacteria by having three doses a day. The doctor said it is safe to take up to 4 doses a day, and I have recently read a blog where the blogger had talked to a gut-bacteria specialist about exactly this: that if your gut is out of balance, fermented food won't do the trick: you need to overpopulate your digestive tract with beneficial bacteria. So I am doing just that. And the rash is back at what is was when I was treating it with cortisone. Amazing!

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