Thursday, May 16, 2013

The taste of real food

I have had the help of my mother this week in the kitchen. Today she commented that the food we have eaten has been really tasty. I said, well, that is what real food tastes like. We have had meat soup made from scratch. That means with bone broth and the meat that could be found on the bone, which by the way is the best meat ever, and it is almost free when you buy a stack of bones from your organic farmer. We have also had chicken soup based on a complete real hen (no fake chicken here). It had to cook for over two hours, but oh my, it was a good chicken broth that came out of that hen! Oh and then we had hen liver, cauliflor and some fried cold smoked salmon. Also good. And simple.

I have also made some waffles, all grain and milk free. And this morning I made pancakes for the whole bunch. We are getting more eggs this afternoon, home delivery. So I needed to make space. Not to speak of the space needed for the 70 kilos of highlander beef that is arriving with the eggs... Got the big freezer installed last night...

Life is good in the house of a foodie! :-)

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