Monday, May 13, 2013

Protest or Growtest?

Here is an interesting site to check out in these days running up to the big Anti-Monsanto March on May 25. I am linking to the movie "The world according to Monsanto" but the site has a lot more than that to offer.

Growtest - The world according to Monsanto

I find it fascinating! Should we create awareness through protests against these companies or should we simply sidestep them by growing our own food and dealing with our own local farmers (who does not buy anything from these companies)? The latter is what is called Growtest, you grow your own vegetables in protest against the current food system. It is an emerging movement within the larger food movement that has been around now for about a couple of decade gaining force with books such as "the Fast Food Nation" and movies like "Food Inc", or local-food promoters such as Jaime Oliver.

What do you think is more effective? Protesting out on the streets, demanding the right to know what is in our food, as far as genetically modified seeds are concerned? Or growing your own food and thus not giving your support to the current food system?

I guess I am in favor of both. Both are needed. Awareness must be raised through protests, and it is probably the only way, even if minimal, that we will be able to stop further laws to be implemented that favor these large scale solutions on the cost of small scale more natural solutions. Then again, in order to show to the masses that this really is a viable option, that you can feed the world (or at least your community) also through small scale solutions we need to growtest.

My growtest is currently going through its first stress test. They have been placed on our balcony for more sun.

I am also planning to participate in the March against Monsanto  in my town. What about you? Are you growtesting or protesting this spring?

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