Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chocolate mousse

This is what the kids had in the evening yesterday after a day filled with loose principles from my side (spagetti, bread/croissant - thanks E&R, it was great, and I mean it! - then pizza and ice cream). No surprise that 10% fatfilled yogurt was rejected firmly just before bedtime...What these bellies were screaming for was more sweet stuff... So instead I made some use of the avocados that were anyway on the brink of going bad, and I spiced them up with some more nutrious ingredients as well.

Chocolate mousse: (adapted from "Råsmart Familj")

2 avocados
1/3 of middle sized zucchini (this ingredient was included to make more out of the two avocados)
1 frozen organic spinach button (30g?)
1,5 bananas
0,5 dl cacao
1 tbls coconut oil
tiny bit of salt and unsweetned vanilla powder

Mix all ingredients with a mixer and serve as such. This mousse is still eatable the next day, as in contrast to smashed avocado, it doesn't matter if it goes brown - nobody will notice.

You can add some nuts to the mousse if you want to make it even more nutrious. cashew and maybe walnut should be good choices. We just sprinkled some dried berry flakes on top; Kidone chose pink cranberry flakes, Kidone was served yellow buckthorn berry flakes - for the sake of the c-vitamines, he's still got a cough!


  1. No puedo creer que eso sea rico, voy a hacerlo para sacar la duda ;) !

  2. Hehe, agrega platano en caso no quepa bien! Asi hice yo. A comió tres dias en seguido - eso cuenta por si mismo como gran gran exito (pero G lo rechazó).