Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old cold porridge - recycled.

Ok, so the kids got tired of porridge for breakfast (they usually have oatmeal/buckwheat porridge with coconut oil/ butter for breakfast). It might have been that my attempt to pimp it up with some crushed almonds, apples and cinnamon was a big mistake yesterday. But really, can't blaim them - have been surprised for how long we've been able to feed them with that stuff without any whining.

So left was a big pot of porridge, mixed with almonds, apples, cinnamon and coconut oil, which I stored in the fridge while thinking of different solutions for the leftovers.

Solution 1: Never underestimate cold porrdige as an afternoon snack disguised as "pudding"

In the afternoon I mixed some of the porridge a bit more, added some cinnamon, apple and coconut milk to it and asked the kids if they cared to try out a new sort of afternoon snack.  I left Kidtwo in the kitchen, with a bowl of "pure pudding" and another one with pudding mixed with Greek yogurt. When I returned 5 minutes later, he had eaten it all and was about to attack Kidone's bowl as well. I was a bit skeptical to whether kidone would like this stuff. After all, she was already chewing a carrot. Well, with confindence in my voice I introduced the new snack to her as well. She tasted it, said "this is good" and some spoons later she looked at me with a suspicious look and asked "mom, is this porridge?". Damn, I thought, busted! But answered calmly "no my dear, its pudding." And with that affirmation, she as well finished her bowl.

Solution 2: You can make pancakes out of almost anything - as long as you have eggs

The rest of the batch came handy this morning as I added three eggs and some baking soda and fried 5 pancakes in coconutoul for breakfast. Kids had two each, and I made an exception from my lowcarb breakfast policy and ate one as well. Yummy.

Recipee for this (adapted from Wise Choice cookbook):
1 dl oatmeal
0,5 dl buckwheat
3 dl water
10-15 grinded almonds
half an apple
coconut oil
3 eggs
1 teaspoon baking soda

Make porridge out of oatmeal, buckwheat and water. Add grinded almonds, apple, coconut oil and cinnamon. Mix. Add eggs and baking soda and mix again. Fry in coconut oil.

Enjoy with some mashed bananas or berries!

Hey, give me some credits for doing this early in the morning...especially considering the zombie that I found occupying my body as I dragged myself out of bed this morning (and jumped straight back in as soon as kids had been placed in front of pikku2 on telly. And no, I am not going to bed at 10 p.m. right now - I am working to compensate for my day job preventing 2xcough from evolving to neumonia...).

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