Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here's a book for those of you that have a little tot.

The Politics of Brestfeeding

Looks really interesting but my breasts are no longer working in the milk production business so no need to stock up with that book in my limited space on the book shelves.

I guess the main point of the book is that modern culture has gone way overboard on "breast sensitivity", alienating us from the real conception of what female breasts are all about: feeding babies, the most natural thing in this world.

Here the author in her own words:

So the first thing they flew into Haiti after the earthquake was babyformula. Hmmm. Interesting. Clean water and food to the mothers would have seemed more logical, don't you think?


  1. This is one of the best books I ever read, seriously. Also a chief reason I'm "still" breastfeeding my 2,5 yr old :D
    It's really, really good, you'd love it. I think everyone should read it, breastfeeding or not, parent or not. It's on my bookshelf, if you feel like having a peek :)
    Love your blog btw, lots of food for thought (no pun intended ;))

  2. I think I would! Might have a glimps at it next time we meet! There are so many screwed up things with the politics of food that you almost faint just thinking about it. The message to the public is scizofrenic that no wonder people start believing commercials more than common sense.
    That thing about Haiti did trigger my researcher instinct...