Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blueberry waffles with apple/blueberry mousse

I've started incorporating more veggies to my recipes, as you might have noticed in the past recipe post on carrot muffins. Two explanations: 1) trying to increase veggie intake implicitly in the kids and 2) we're out of bananas and thus yesterday I subsituted the sweet banana taste with the sweet carrot taste.

Today I made a new waffle recipe and instead of using a lot of almong flour I just threw in half a zucchini in the mixer first, then I added other incrients according to intuition¨.

Blueberry waffles:
Half a zucchini
0,5 dl almonds/almond flour
Half an apple
Handful of blueberries
3 eggs
coconut oil in the waffle iron

Mix all the ingredients and add the coconut oil to the waffle iron while heating up. Make waffles and enjoy!

Apple mousse on top (this was a new invention due to the lack of bananas)
Half an apple
Small piece of avocado
handful of blueberries
1-2 tbls coconut milk

Mix in food processer (smaller bowl) or with a mixer and enjoy with the waffles.

Once again, I made these so quickly, and they were eaten so quickly, and the kitchen was the mess it usually is when I start cooking, ergo, no pictures. But still worth while trying. Our picky eater ate A LOT.

And I do not pay attention much to mainstream media reports on studies on foods reducing the risk of this and that but today this one caugh my attention, as both the waffles and the mousse included blueberries and apples (coincidence!):

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