Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hungry for Change: See it!!!

I just posted this to my Facebook-page saying that everyone should see the whole movie and the whole movie is available for free until March 31st.

Well no. Actually it was free to me because I preregistered for it. So I deleted the post from Facebook. Why bother... but,damn it was good. And I usually do not use such strong words in writing on my blogs.
Thinking of ordering the whole movie, just to make the people dearest to me see it. It's actually that important. So yes, their preregistering marketing trick worked on me. That's for sure!

The second best thing, if you do not want to get the movie,  at least watch Jamie Oliver on Tedtalks.

 But this is like watching the five minutes recap of the morning news in comparison to the whole big thing in the above movie.

Oh, and by the way, if I didn't tell you... I am going more raw food now. Aloe vera, chia, siprulina, celery, kale (found kale in the Thai store in Hakaniemi!). Superfood me - now and forever!

And as of April I promise my lifestyle will include decent sleep, less stress, more exercise. These are the things from the "Hungry for Change" that I need to work on. What are your issues?

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