Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kind of like a horror Hollywood movie

Suddenly its just spreading through every single channel of my blog readings. The leaky gut is hot potatoe. Here comes the sequence of yesterday's post. Leaky gut 2. This is so important than I'd better rub it in, primarily in my own mind, but I guess it doesn't hurt if it sticks to your mind as well.

Conclusion: Grains/Legumes/milk --> leaky gut ---> disease (diabetes1, celiac disease, allergies, adhd, asthma, thyroid dysfunction.... should I go on? got the picture?)

She does not mention candida. But I want to add that candida - the necessary bad bacteria in our gut - can cause leaky gut in case of candida overgrowth (happens when you kill all your good bacteria by eating antibiotics, or give them their favourite food: SUGAR - in all its deceitful forms, including fruits).

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