Friday, March 9, 2012

My second visit in 24h - am I back or what is this?

Can I make another quick visit? Jeee, I just can't stay away, now can I?;-)

Just wanted to say that I love our daycare! (you might have got a different picture in my previous posts, but let me be explicit: I am never pointing the finger at the personnel were my kids are (not yeat at least, and if I would, this would not be the place to do it) but at the system. I am not going to go into details but thanks to flexible attitudes, my kids can eat at least a tiny little bit more suitable foods for their bodies! So happy.

And so happy that my kids are in general doing great "in school". Let's make it last!

Now that my observations are backup by professionals, I can give you this update. Since we stopped feeding G with milk, this is what I have observed:
- No loose stools anymore, he used to have constant loose stomach. Please be aware of this parents - it is not normal to poop 5-7 times a day, neither is it normal that the food isn't entirely digested before it "leaves the building".
- No runny nose (ok maybe to early to see), which also means that the repeated ear infections stopped.
- No snoring! He used to sound like a woodchip factory before! Impressive the sound coming out of that little creature while sleeping. Not anymore. Sleeps tight and quietly.

Enjoy your weekend!

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