Friday, March 30, 2012

Breakthrough on Swedish television!!!

Things happening in Sweden. Best birthday gift ever to me!

This week a talk show has been dealing with the topic "the white poisons" (provoking according to them, normal stuff to me, but about milk, sugar and white flour and how we react on them).

Today the last program made me very emotional. Because it focused on children and their diet. And the mother that appears tell her story, which could almost have been mine, except that we never have had any "serious reactions" just subtle indications. Child with stomach problems, later serious tantrums. Couragous mother who fought for 2 years to get the doctors to agree to exclude first milk and then all milk products, eggs, white flour. In the program she shows her frustration and is straight foward with the message that doctors need to change their opinion on children's allergy to these foods. It is important to recognize that some of the most important foods that our children eat every day can cause serious problems. She goes as far as saying that this is criminal!

"If you as a mother feel that something isn't right, then something isn't right" and "I almost had a nervous breakdown for all the fighting"!!!!

 This is exactly how I feel! Lucky for us our problems aren't as acute as their sons, but still, we have the symptoms, and if we do not deal with them now they might turn serious. I expressed my frustations in this blogpost about a month ago...heh I was supposed to quit blogging... here I am "d├índole duro" as the Chilean expression goes).

Thank you, thank you, thank you TV4 for dealing with these important topics! It means a world to me but I am quite sure it could make a world of difference for thousands of children if their parents are ready to do the change.

If you know Swedish, you can watch the clip here:

Efter tio - vita gifter och barn

And one more thing, its not a problem to live without wheat and milk. Not even in a family with small children. We've done it for almost a year now and our kids are doing just fine! (except that they are still not completely milk and wheat free since we are only now doing the exams....which most probably will turn negative...and  with negative results you do not get the allergy certificate needed for the municipality daycare, damn will have to turn my food beliefs into a religion then!).

And now, I'll focus on planning tomorrow's get together, what to serve and what to bake to make it apt for all members of this family!

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