Monday, February 11, 2013

E-codes and Real Food

Finnish radio channel discuss why the public does not want the e-codes, while the establishment is arguing that this is the best way to keep the food safe and healthy.

My question: what food are we talking about here? Aaah, processed food! That is what we are talking about! And if the public wants to stay away from e-codes, why doesn't the public stay in the real food aisles of the supermarket? Better yet why doesn't the public shop outside the supermarket? And according to season, no need for long shelf-life there...No need for suspicious codes...

I am happy to see that the old market at Hietalahti has opened its door. Please tell me dear friends in Helsinki that you can get real food there? That it isn't just another tourist trap with different jams and Finnish foie gras in glass jars?

This weekend we ate what I had shopped at the square on Friday. And some fresh fish and ecological meat to go with that. And may I add, we ate well! The veggie lady recommended making mashed potatoes together with some other roots. Esquisit! And the kids ate parnsnip (palsternacka) without even noticing. There, introduced a new taste, success! I also forced them to have some beet roots that I had spiced up with chevre cheese (ok, this one was from the supermarket, I confess) and honey. May I brag about how deliciously good it was? And then the meat, left in the oven for almost 2 hours while we were out sledding. Our ecological meat never fails us. Yesterday it was just perfect!

I also made a fish dish, from scratch, inspired by a distant memory of a Oriental Fish Soup that we made in school years back.  This, although it was not the kids favourite, we got them eating it all up, twice! And I added kefir yougurt on top, to boost immunity.

E-codes "throw yourself in the wall" as we would say in Swedish. You're not needed anymore. Power to the kitchen!

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