Sunday, February 17, 2013

Milkfree yogurt recipe

I have long been frustrated that the only option for my milk allergic child is either soy yogurt without flavor (soy is NOT good substitute for milk) or sugar filled oatmeal yogurts. Actually the only thing I really miss (a part from butter) in our daily life with a milk allergic child is the all natural yogurt options. Life would be easy if we could have yoggie for breacky or as evening snack. But we can't. And I am trying to deal with it.

A few days ago I thought of trying an experiment. I mixed gelled chia seeds (left overs from my own breakfast, didn't know what to do with it), an avocado, some frozenblueberries and soaked dates (which also originally were thought for something else) - guess what?!? By adding some Kefir yogurt culture I suddenly had a nutritious mousse that included all the ingredients for a very nutritious snack, or breakfast!

Here are the ingredients and how to do it:

2 dl Chia gel (1 part chia, 2-3 parts water, let it swell for at least an hour, three hours optimal)
1 avocado
5-6 pitted and soaked dates (good if you leave them soaking for a couple)
200 g strawberries / 100g blueberries, frozen
1 spoon flaxseed oil (optional and be careful with the amount, might give it a bitter taste)
1-2 teaspoons vanilla powder
0,5 dl oatmeal milk (optional and I do not think it is necessary really)
1 serving of probiotic powder or 2-3 spoons of kefir yogurt (if you can stand a little bit of milk)

Mix all ingredients well (at least 1 minute, more if the dates and chia have nor dissolved). Note that is should be the liquid mixer, otherwise there is a risk that the Chias are not dissolved well enough. My milk allergic kid does not like chia gel so it is necessary to blend well...

Here some pictures from my experiments (have done three already, the kids and hubby ate them all, and I have also done some home made müsli filled with nuts and seeds...and some ecological raisins).

Blueberry milkfree yogurt (the while bowl is my kefir culture, the blue the chia gel)

And this morning I fortified the strawberry yogurt with 2-3 spoons of vitamin c... because it seems like the flu is knocking on our door...

Oh, and check the headline on the newspaper... milk price war between Finland and Sweden... how suitable...

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