Monday, February 18, 2013

Spinach pancakes, Gluten and milkfree

I do not give up on these ones. After over a year of practice, I consider my pancakes being good enough for sharing. The secret? Bone broth, buckwheat, and psyllium husk, and tallow skimmed of the last batch of meat bone broth that I made. Never happened before, but seems like the bones delivered last Thursday were extra fatty. Me thank the supplier, fat is always welcome in this house, as long as it is natural.

Here you go:

Spinach pancakes:

2 tbls psyllium husk
0,5 l water
0,5 l bone broth
4-5 eggs
2-3 dl buckwheat flour (maybe more if too watery the batch, depends a bit on other quantities)
200-300 g frozen spinach (remember spinach is among the most treated veggies out there so you might want to look for "organically grown")
fat to fry in (coconut oil, butter if your lads can stand it, or our option this time tallow)

frozen lingon berries to enjoy with them, if you are so lucky to find some... cranberries might do just as well!

Mix liquid with psyllium, let the psyllium thicken the batch. Add eggs. Add the buckwheat and the spinach (I threw the spinach in the mixer just to get it in the size that our kids agree to eat them, if your kids are more hardcore then just get the spinach heated in a frying pan and add to the mix, not hot though as that might affect the rest of the ingredients).

Now the frying. This is the tricky part since we are dealing with a glu(e)ten free mix. My first pancakes always turn out terrible and if they just do not seem to "stick together" then I add another egg or some flour to the batch. However, the trick is to heat the frying pan enough before the making AND not to start messing with the pancake too early. Also make sure there is enough grease in the will make the pancakes more delicious and it will be easier to flip'em over. But be aware! You do not want to flip them over before they are ready... because then the whole thing falls apart. My last pancakes are always the finest. Good thing, because those are the ones on to of the pancake mountain when you start eating... if you aren't to hungry that is, and you eat them straight from the pan.

This is what happens with when you go messing with the pancakes before they are ready... And check the mess - my nick in this house is "Swedish Chef", burnigiri burnigiri! They should be happy they get real food and not mess with this mama! (I do not usually clean, that is hubby's area of expertise...)


(oh, and isn't it a miracle - yes you can make your own spinach pancakes - no need for those processed ones in the processed food aisle...power to the kitchen!)

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