Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sweet dreamer is back!

I stopped blogging here because I thought my blog started populating my mind too much. However, the message is too important to be silenced. So I will post something once in a while here again.

One of the interviewed experts in this documentary says:

"People cannot make good choices if good choices are not available."

And those choices can only be available if we open our eyes and start building a new reality in our own minds.

In our mind, we create our world, our visions of what is possible and what not, what is acceptable and what not, what is healthy and what not.  And we, only we, are in charge of our own reality! Let's create our own new reality and marginalize all those unhealthy habits so omnipresent in the current modern way of life!

I think it is our only way forward... empowering ourselves!

Sweet dreamer welcome back into my world, my reality.

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