Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweet dreams of a potato cellar

I dream of a winter storage for my own grown veggies... It feels like a long walk to get there. But if it ever comes through, this is what my dream kind of looks like:

Long walk because first we have to find a place to live and then I have to learn how to sow, weed and harvest my veggies. And then still learn how to store them in this ancient pre-frigerator way...and hope that the family will dig into the fermented food...

Today I talked to my veggie dealer, the one and only - the only lady at the square these days, she said to store roots she keeps them in a 50 m2 pantry at +2 degrees, potatoes at +4 or else they will turn sweet. You learn something new everyday. 50 m2, Jees, that's big - but then on the other hand, she is feeding all the farmer's market customers of this town for a whole year... so in that respect, it's quite small.

I'll keep on dreaming!

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