Friday, August 17, 2012

Candy Day

Nowadays nowbody that remotely knows us questions our weird policy on (some) food. People know that we are the freaks and I am ok with that. Strange because I used to battle a lot with myself when I stepped out of my mainstream shoes.

So here is the thing. We do not have a candy day. Surprised? Shouldn't be, as we do not eat sugary stuff anyway (do not count my 86% chocolate to candies, but yes it is debatable). I've been awaiting for the day when Kidone would realize that she is missing out on something important. But until just a few weeks back she never noticed. Not even some six months ago when we went to the store and met a daycare friend who was there selecting his "Saturday Candy". Not even though the Radio program for kids (BUU-Klubben) persistantly ask EVERY Saturday EVERY kid that calls in whether they will be eating (Saturday) candy today. Jeees, I always think at that point that is it really necessary to force it on them? Like all those one-year olds that during their first week at day care get introduced to juice, buns, and icecreams...I didn't know about the frequent icecreams at daycare when Kidone started as a one year old... foolish me still thought six months later that she got her first icecream with her granparents in Chile...

I thank hubby for opening up my eyes to the amount of candy that Finnish kids eat. I wouldn't have started to reflect on it, if he hadn't years ago commented the absurdity of eating candy every Saturday. In Chile, (when he was young) kids had candy at parties, nowhere else. And I understand that... because the candy section in Chile is lousy in comparison with what we have in Finland...hey come on, all countries without salmiak/lakrits loose in comparison to the Nordic countries! I'd go for cookies rather than sweets to fill up my sugar cravings there.

Anyway, back to my point. Which is: we do not have a candy day. Someone is starting now to understand because her friends have also become so big that they talk about this magic moment... but so far we have managed without. And as you might understand, we do not eat candy any other day either, but we do eat homemade natural sweetened muffins, or coconut-icecream, or even both as tonight. To celebrate the weekend!

Here my recipe for a very special icecream (just made it up today):

10 dates (soaked)
1/3 pineapple (sweet)
1 can coconut milk
vanilla extract
1 tbsp honey
aprox 2 cm of chopped and peeled fresh ginger
2 leaves of gelatin, dissolved in 0,5 dl hot water
(kefir grain/optional)

Mix all ingredients except gelatin, which you add when it has cooled a bit.
Add to icecream machine and let the machine do its job for a good while. Freeze until to be served.

And as always, ENJOY!

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