Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The difference between here and there

Yesterday I was standing in line in the hypermarket  (again, I know... but it is the closest place with assumambly "ecological" vegetables). With my celery, carrots and ecological eggs in my hand and I looked at the people before me in the line. Don't like to be judgemental, but sometimes this really pisses me off... their wagon was filled with sugar and wheat filled foods and fat free milk. Hey according to the state dietary recommendation -almost healthy stuff! But it isn't, and they were on the brink of being obese. And there it hit me: the difference between the Nordic countries and America is that I have to PAY for their bad choices. In the US, it is they themselves that pay their medical bill. Here, it is funded through taxes. Charming! The state is both creating the problem by giving bad advice, and milking us for money to maintain business rolling. At the same time the politicians talk about the health care cost expenditures going up, unsupportable in our state budget. Well, HECK YEAH! Change your freaking recommendations and start treating bad (unreal) food for what it is (for example by taxing it, just as alcohol) and then maybe, just maybe we wouldn't be so sick...

Another difference to ohter places in the world is the school and daycare lunch. As I've said before, I used to praise it. Today, I almost get a nervous breakdown when I think of it. And my kids are eating that stuff - every day. Why? Why? Why? I admire the mommy bloggers in the US, who have taken charge of their childrens health, feeding them good food and preparing healthy lunch boxes. I admire all those parents fighting off ADHD and autism through dietary changes. But I ask myself, with the system we have here up in the north, would that be ever possible? I mean while the kids are bound to daycare and school, we the parents have almost zero control of what they are fed.

Enough said for today. I might save this as a draft as I feel it is (a bit) loaded.


  1. Hear, hear! No control at all... unless u fake your child has severe allergies to nonfoods :P

  2. I agree that school lunches could be a lot more healthy, but I try to keep in mind that it could be so much worse. And school lunch is just one meal, quite ok most days if you eat healthy food otherwise. A big health problem is also kids skipping school lunch and filling themselves with sweets and soda in stead!
    Anyway, for my kids daycare I've managed to renew their menu together with other parents and we've included a lot more fresh veggies and less wheat from autumn onwards. They go to a private daycare so this is possible. I'd be a lot more concerned if they ate the food in the municipal daycare...

  3. There you go... difference between private and municipal... we are shooting our "wellfare system" not only in its foot but in its heart - and we are all loosing... Wish I had a way around the problem - the rest is (nowadays) just great in our daycare - love the place - but the food....nah...