Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go Borgå!

I am glad to announce the news from a municipality east of here:

No more sugar at Daycare (in Swedish)

They have decided to stop feeding sugar to kids at daycare. Envy those living in that municipality. Almost a reason to start house hunting... Not too far fetched as not so long ago my anchestors populated the streets of this nice little town, known for its old wooden houses.

Anyway, what is the best part of this note that I linked to is to read the comments... Parents are just so used to having sugar present at b'days that they do not even stop and question what it really does to the kids, and particularly kids who can have a tendency to become addicted to this substance...not only does sugar screw up the whole metabolism but by having sugar present at the afternoon meal also creats associations that sugar always has to present... so that the kids for sure transmit this same myth to their children... and on and on it goes...from one generation to the next.

I've been battling a lot myself with my conception of healthy food, and how I was taught what was healthy when a kid... Not so long ago my mom also noted the same (she has become enlightened with my propaganda...) saying "well we didn't know anything better back then". That was when I had just told her about the sugar mountains that my brother and I used to make on our morning porridge when I was around the age of fuve...we competed on who could build the highest...

Nope, sugar was not a topic back then. Although Nancy Appleton had already written her first book on the evils of sugar back in the 70's and the "Sugar Trap" had been broadcasted in the US in the 80's - little was known among the masses, not to speak of over here. But then again, sugar (or processed foods) was not so readily available back then as it is now. It's then sad to see that the same misinformation persist still to this date, and that when there are good initiatives, someone tries to destroy them by saying that "that's not really a problem, focus on something that is more important". The municipality is sending out a strong message with this policy, and I really hope it leads to more initiatives like this! Because it is important, and it is a problem, and it is time for us to recognize that already!

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