Monday, August 13, 2012

My take on the weekend Parties

Today I am hungover... I bet you it has been the most intensive, creative, hard-work weekend in a decade! And add to that my last weekend which wasn't that much easier and in between a very (research) intesive week... I think I should be going back to bed right now and sleep off the exhaustion...

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that this week we celebrated the magic number five. On Friday I went shopping all ingredients (mostly fruits, HAHA!), on Saturday I baked (mostly glutenfree empanadas and gluten/egg/fairyfree cakes, and of  course coconut icecream - thank you, thank you, thank you Spunky Coconut - what a savior!) and on Sunday I decorated Sandwiches, made funny vegetable faces and two sets of cakes. That was the morning program... Then we chugged off one set of daycare girlie-girlie party (with the little bro compensating for all the missing boys), and another party for godparents and family friends (or Kidone's best of friends outside of daycare). There was a 15 minutes break inbetween the two parties, when we managed to clean the tables and the entrance before the new guests arrived. Then to end off the day (a part from cleaning the disaster in the kitchen...) I biked into town to see what Madonna has been up to these past three years. Got home at 1 a.m. Do I need to tell you that I woke up with an aching body this morning?

Anyways, this is my take on the festivities:

- First, my gratitude to the lady who let us pick her raspberries in her garden in the central park, they were delicious and our food wouldn't have been as nice and delicious without them! At the same time I am glad that hubby called just at 9 p.m. when I was about to go and buy some nasty looking strawberries in the hypermarket, which I never did because they closed while we were talking - there is a meaning to everything!

- My kids loved the food offerings, I think Kidone ate all-in-all 10 (!) empanadas this weekend... and ALOT of olives while baking them (and have to admit, some raisins as well). Kidtwo specialized in eating blueberry icecream... couldn't get enough of that. Hubby was impressed by my decication to decorate ladybug sandwiches, watermelon fruit cake and coconutcream (his pics on the process of making them coming soon).

- During the daycare party I noticed that other kids were not too impressed by my dedication to spice up the veggies  or the cream cake having been replaced with a watermelon-fruitcake... I was a bit concerned that this would actually ruin the party but hubby and me managed to recap their attention by taking them outside and play treasury hunting and water balloon splashing games. All well, focus away from food when those things happen... and then reevaluate the food offerings for next year... Read: no watermelon fruitcake for kids who are expecting a sugar rush... give them something as close to the real thing that they do not notice the difference... next year, they will have the coconutcream raspberry cake that the other party guests enjoyed...

-Never give up! I realize I am freaky and fanatic with what we choose to eat, but this year compared to last year  was a true milestone-experience! Most of our family friends were either just starting to shift or did not even think about the harms of food last year when I made my first Råsmart-inspired cakes. The cakes were rustic and beginner-level on both taste and presentation...This year I truly enjoyed being creative in the kitchen. You see, I envy my Facebook-friends who have started making incredibly beautiful marzipan and cream cakes - the creative me shouts out "I wanna do the same!!!" every time I see the pics - making tomatoe lady bugs and watermelon fruitcake filled that need.  But most importantly, yesterday with the family-friends, I got so many compliments on both the presentation and the cakes... and for being an inspiration for others to do things differently that for once I felt the very much needed and important support from my non-virtual surroundings. There are now several friends who are dedicated to avoiding sugar and wheat, and if they aren't, they are at least very concious about it - and that is something I cherish. I mean, they could have just got tired of my fanatic message and said, thanks but no thanks to the party invitation....THANK YOUR FRIENDS - LOVE YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

-Best thing Madonna could do to herself and the world is to retire, buy a farm, and go "homesteading". That would be to follow current trends and to be cool. Point a machine gun and "shooting" like crazy towards the audience in a country who has suffered from two school shootings in the past five years is not cool - it is disguisting. And I truly hope I am not saying this because I have got old (also true, its over 20 years since I was a fanatic Madonna fan...) but because it is just NOT cool.

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