Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Naturally knocked up

Recently I read the book "Utan" and got a glimps into the world of all those women and men who long to become parents but just cannot conceive. I have no personal experience from problems of reproduction, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with two pregnancies before becoming too stressed about my own fertility. But I have a few friends who have been through or are still going through the agony of an endless waiting for the blue line on the strip.

 This is a sensitive issue and many couples do not talk about their unfullfilled desire to become parents with friends. As a parent of two, I also understand that this is not maybe the preferred topic of my childfree friends to embark on together with me. (After having read the book, I innerly hope I have never made anyone sad for being too occupied with my own motherhood, although I am quite aware that this is most probably the deepest apologies dear friends, it was never my intention!). Actually, as I said to a friend (also mother of two), I think the most sensible way for those with fertility problems to reach out and find (natural) help is through what internet has to offer. There you can anonymously discuss and learn natural ways of healing your body, without feeling that somebody is intruding in your private zone. There you can find solutions that might work for you or that you feel comfortable.

So, today when I came across this blog: Naturally Knocked Up, I just wanted to share it immediately with all of you fellow readers of my blog. I know many of you are already mothers (or fathers) and maybe this isn't a topic for you personally. But I am also quite certain that all of you know someone that might be glad to read this blog. Please spread the word! Without introducing too much hope in anyone's life, maybe, just maybe it can provide the necessary advice and help for someone out there! And if not, well, at least you got rid of some toxins in your body and started a healthy life - and that is never a bad thing either...

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