Saturday, April 21, 2012

Health and equality

I just wrote a post on where feminism has taken us as far as health goes in Swedish on my other blog. I think it is such an important topic that it is worth repeating in English. Thus, here a brief summary/extension on the topic.

I've been thinking about this now for a while; this thing about how we the women were supposed to conquer the stage out there, in the real world, outside the comfort zone in our cozy little happy family life at home. Well statistics show that although we are far better off now than some 40 years ago, we still have a bit more of climbing to do o become equal in pay and position with our male counterparts. However, what the statistics fail to show is how this climbing of ours has been accompanied by a rise in sales of industrially premade foods, in microwave ovens, and in rates of childhood obesity...  You see, it wasn't an equal equation where one woman out of the kitchen equals one man into the kitchen. No, our professional advancement had no backup plan back home. Especially not in the second generation of liberated women when also their mothers are to be found out in the office space. So instead, intelligently enough, food industry gave us a helping hand in the kitchen with premade foods ready in a second. Easy and fast.

Today, there is a whole generation out there who has not seen their parents cook regularly at home. They have never learned how to make food from scratch, haven't had homemade bread or casserole for that matter. Instead what they learned was to shop for premade dinners and press the microwave button. This is the knowledge they have now when it is time to pass on the food culture to their own children. Scary stuff. Really scary. Well, if we do not start correcting it, soon its not too difficult to understand were this train is heading. Should health be slaughtered in the name of equality?

Here a videoclip that deals partially with this topic:

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