Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project Manager about to throw in the towel

Some 10 muffins, 1 carrot cake, 40 coconut chocolate balls, 20 chicken nuggets, three carrots, and 4 eggs later, the sweet dreamer was ready for some deep sweet dreams. Only to notice that there are still diapers in the washing machine, the bags are unpacked and the children's rubber boots and woollen socks were left at daycare today.

So much for a relaxing holiday...

I am also bringing " Suicide by Sugar" by Nancy Appleton and "Black Swan" by Nassir Taleb... and maybe I'll throw in some real fiction as well... hmmm... most of my recently acquired books are either the style "self-help" or focused on food...time to get a life already?

Happy Easter to everyone!

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